Pedro Correa

Born in Madrid in the hot summer of 1977, his mother was an artist painter and his father a teacher with a love for travel, which led the whole family to travel a lot.
After living in Avignon (France), Madrid and Barcelona they moved to Brussels, where he decided to settle down. Later on he graduated in oil painting and comic art at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.
He became fascinated by photography and its capacity to capture the moment. Those moments that become beautiful in a particular way and are not planned nor manufactured. Fragile moments that he needed to seize and encapsulate before they floated away. Clearly influenced by his impressionistic painting background, his style came to life by injecting the emotions of impressionism into the “decisive moment” of photography. In other words, shooting with the eye of the impressionistic painter as well as the eye of an urban image hunter.
Holding further to this idea, he never modifies any element of a picture, merges different images nor asks people to pose. There is in his opinion no need to force beauty, it is already out there.