Paolo Ceribelli

Born July 8 1978, Paolo started his artistic journey with a series of works focusing on the stylization of common everyday gestures. He then experimented with oil – painting with his hands – and later devoted himself to casting plaster.
In 2006, Paolo produced « Soldiers », the real creative turning point in his technique, language and content.

The tiny colored plastic soldiers are a provocation, describing a geography of territorial relations based on indiscriminate use of anonymous, non-differentiated military masses. The artist’s obsession for the perfect positioning of his toy soldiers in ranks and circles is both spatial and conceptual. Lining them up on the canvas, he sets out imaginary armies to build fantastical world maps, flags, targets and embroidery. He emphasizes the geo-historic presence of a constant and dominant thought of war and, simultaneously, mitigates its alarming presence through the fantastic transfiguration of the toy soldier into a brushstroke of paint.

In 2016, the artist started a new project: « Barricades ». The barricades are a limit and a barrier inside a public space, they become an opportunity to overcome the limits of everyday experience, offering a space for reflection and a different point of view.