Laurent Laporta

Born in 1981 in Antwerp, Belgium, Laurent Laporta discovers drawing pretty soon.
At the age of 15 he started painting in his DIY created studio in his parents basement.

With a master degree in graphic arts Laurent continues his journey working
in an advertising company during the day, and in his painting studio at night.

Earthly tones, whites and rough textures had the lead back then.
It is now only since 2018 that Laurent Laporta started using this vibrant color palette as he discoverd spray cans.
Crayons, markers, pastels, acrylic, gouache, industrial paint and spray cans are now his tools of choice.

His paintings aren’t really subject based. More technique based.
Laurent likes discovering new effect, techniques, little turns, bumps on the parcour.
Being happily surprised yourself by a result is a wonderful moment.

List of artworks

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