Fab Rideti

Born in France, Fab Rideti is an artist who emerged under the influence of Paris’ creative scene as former international marketing director of Guerlain, one of the gems of the LVMH luxury conglomerate. In that role, she led artistic direction and fragrance development. As she decided to solely focus on her creative aspirations, Fab Rideti entered the School of Fine Arts of Versailles, France (Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles) where she soon revealed a passion for photography. She settled in Seattle in 2010 , then in Bruxelles in 2015.
Fab Rideti takes an amused look at the world through elaborated and humorous stagings.
It is this double culture that allows her to decode and play with all the artifices of our increasingly global societies. More “maker” than “taker” Fab Rideti creates images by staging characters and lets us tell the rest of the story … The titles of her photos are part of the story, and are discovered after a first reading of the images. She offers us her humorous vision, and invites us to step back from reality or simply smile.

List of artworks

There are 12 artworks