Bruno Degrave

At the age of 15 years old, Bruno Degrave discovered the audiovisual profession in the family company, “Les Grandes Productions”.
After working there for almost 10 years, during which he was able to test various positions, including and especially the one of Camera Assistant, he then set out as a freelance Cameraman.
Nowadays Bruno Degrave has several hundred films to his credit as Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Steadicam Operator. From Documentaries to Corporate Films, including Video Clips, Sports, Advertising and finally Fiction for TV (Series) and Cinema.

On the photography side, since his encounter with the Nikon FEII camera, he spent a lot of time in his little lab, in the early 80s, developing on his Durst Enlarger, black and white photographs that he made of various and varied subjects. Photos of his friends, in their own activities, or in the form of scenes in abandoned sites, for example.

Then, his job having occupied him very much for the past 25 years, Bruno has contented himself with taking thousands of photos on vacation, or on film sets. However, the latter are more testimony than creative photos.

For 3 years now, he has found the motivation to make his own creations, with which he wishes to feel totally free to express himself visually.
It was the reunion with his old Action Man figurines from the 70s that inspired him with this nod to the expression “Woman Object”, consisting in portraying real women with his 30cm figurines, which in this case, are real objects.

In 2018, Bruno Degrave started a new series, which still deals with the Action Man who are his engine of creativity, but this time reducing them to the 1 / 43rd scale of small cars, toys from his childhood, or more current ones.

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