Stéphanie Van Beneden


After years in the financial and banking sector, 2017 was for Stéphanie the time of an important challenge, a search for values.
It was with contact with the earth that this transition was initiated. 
From the first day, during an introduction to ceramics, it was a revelation.
A true art-therapy that has spread to all areas of the world.
She started with simple ceramic techniques by working with plates, colombines, molds. Everything she saw turned into a potential mold.
When Stephanie sculpts, she doesn't think about anything else, she's in her bubble. 
There is a magical moment when the sculpture comes to life and you see how things will take shape. The next step in his career was therefore to start sculpting classes.
She likes to make people feel an emotion through her sculptures and thinks that's how she started to focus on animals. 
Her sculpture is a soft mixture of all these animals, so she has the impression of not copying anyone, of creating a totally unique piece with her own personality.

Stéphanie fell in love with some of her pieces, and that's how the process of creating a bronze began. 
This experience allowed him to discover the different professions of foundryman, colour, moulder. Bronze brings a new dimension to sculpture.
She believes that working the land is a long way to go where you are never at the end of your discoveries. It was a revelation.

Available Art pieces

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