Sophie Oldenhove


Sophie Oldenhove became passionate about artistic creation at a very young age. After a self-taught beginning in sculpture, she chose to study art history and finally reoriented herself towards sculpture at the end of her studies (in 2006). She then attended the Ateliers de la rue Voot in Brussels, then the Ecole des arts de Braine-l'Alleud (2006-2012). Enriched with a few technical skills and a beautiful creative openness, she then developed her sculptural language outside of schools.  
Sophie is currently working in a shared workshop at the Art de la Baraque workshops in Louvain-la-Neuve.
She regularly exhibits her work in Belgium.

For several years, she has been working on the human figure, with essentially two movements: breakage and repartition. The "Men", at first whole, hieratic, gradually saw themselves broken, broken, deconstructed, deformed and then mended, repaired and gathered. The sculptures of "Men", she broke dozens of them, voluntarily. The empty sculptures break and transform. She drops them to the ground or tips them over. The breakage is totally random and unpredictable. There is this release necessary to break what seemed to be completed, the acceptance of a loss of control.
The break is a moment that lasts only for a moment. This moment suspended in time tilts from one before to one after. This fraction of a second changes everything and forces us to look at things differently.
Since January 2019, she has been growing a new universe.
Alongside its flaws, its fragmentations, its breaks and its attempts at repair, a reunification is taking place, a gathering, a bubble, a cocoon.
Always an interior that reveals itself, but here it is a question of openness, life, protection. 
She called her new explorations "My Insides".

Available Art pieces