Radu Stefan Poleac


Throughout his career, Radu Stefan has taken part in more than 80 exhibitions and his works feature in private or public collections in Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Luxembourg, United States, Germany and, of course, Belgium. In 2018, the artist was awarded the public's award at the Carte de Visite - ARTopenKUNST collective exhibition in Brussels, which brings together the works of more than 300 visual artists based in Brussels every year.
In Poleac's unique blending of the conceptual and the aesthetic, cityscapes, the sky, the moon, the Earth illustrate the boundless spaces in which mankind exists and in which we are all called to find meaning and purpose.

Art as meditation in motion
Radu Stefan Poleac describes himself as a dreamer and an idealist who believes in the kind-hearted and generous nature of mankind, and sees art as meditation in continuous motion, with a potential to transform the world we live in. The main focus of Poleac's artistic explorations is humanity, nature, man in relation with the city and, in broader terms, man in synergy with the Universe.

Inquisitive, inventive, and surprising, Poleac is on a relentless quest to harmonise his inner universe of fantasy and emotion with the visual and tangible outside world.
Mr. Poleac's limitless creativity is the underlying fabric of his art, so much so that he is unwilling to relinquish any of the artistic media he is currently exploring in favour of a narrower stylistic fingerprint.
There is, however, a common thread of poetic dreaminess and childlike wonder and curiosity stretching across his creative universe.

3D cut-outs, between tradition and modernity
This exhibition showcases the artist's playful explorations into 3D Cut Out, a technique that merges tradition and the modernity, drawing inspiration from the Chinese art of paper cutting and from modern 3D visual styles.
Some elements of the works evoke the colourful cut-outs of Henri Matisse or the animated drawings of Michel Ocelot. However, Poleac achieves a truly unique style, subtly balancing the conceptual and the aesthetic, intertwining architectural elements and shapes from the vegetal world to create singular imaginative worlds of his own.
In his playful, imaginative and delicate compositions, the artist transforms and amplifies matter into a form of poetic communication.

Available Art pieces

The floating tower
Radu Stefan Poleac - Art Unity Gallery
52 x 52 cm - 1400 €