Pierre Brouwers


After his extraordinary expedition to India in a self-designed vehicle in 1970, Pierre Brouwers has not rested in his quest to explore the world and share these experiences with the public through his documentary films and photographic reports.

Pierre left his hometown of Liège to settle in Paris where he founded his production company. He is well known for creating the Video Guides Hachette, the DVD Guides TF1 Vidéo and the collection of documentary films entitled Découvrir le Monde (Discover the World) aired on France 5, Voyage and many other TV channels in around thirty countries.

Nicknamed “The Image Catcher", Pierre Brouwers has made more than 250 52-minute films and several short-film series, as well as tens of thousands of photos allowing for a first-hand account of his discoveries and encounters throughout the world.

His career led him to move to London, then to New York, where he never takes to the streets without being armed with a camera or some sort of photographic device.
With the Empire State Building as his neighbour, naturally Pierre gave it a soul and made it one of his cherished subjects.

Available Art pieces

King Kong Colère
Pierre Brouwers - Art Unity Gallery
120 x 170 cm - 5000 €