Jeanlouis Boccar


Jeanlouis Boccar is French by his mother. He was initiated into the art of the image by his father, director of photography. Self-taught, he began oil painting in the 80’s.

Then he exchanged the canvas with the numerical tool for 20 years.

He also worked as Art Director for many advertising agencies. He has been involved in the production of video clips : Gotainer, Heaven 17, Dire Straits, Plastic Bertrand…

He published about ten comic strips (Casterman, Glénat, Echo des Savanes…).

The digital paintings (My Space Girls) were on exhibition in Los Angeles for the opening of the studio “Right Bank Music”.

During 2011, the artist starts to paint with acrylics. He was on exhibition with his new creations in Brussels and Paris.

After the release of his book in 2014 about his years spent in Ibiza as video clip director and painter, Jeanlouis Boccar is back with a new approach of paintings. At the same time, the artist devotes more and more time to photography. He lives and works between Brussels and Ibiza.

About his latest series “Stopmotion” he says that if the photography is the capture of a moment that won’t come back, he likes to stretch the time for a few extra minutes. To freeze a movement.

Available Art pieces

Jeanlouis Boccar - Art Unity Gallery
100 x 180 cm - 1950 €