Vertigo Kashmir


Vertigo Kashmir is not the real name of the artist, who wishes to preserve his anonymity and his freedom. He is born in the late 1960s in Belgium and is particularly interested in communication and media; and the influence they have on our lives – especially the way they shape our culture and our ways of thinking.
In May 2017, walking on a flea market, the artist was attracted to some old audiotapes. They brought back memories, nostalgia, a positive energy… and he felt the immediate desire to turn this extraordinary material – destined for the trash – into a creation that tells a unique and particular story. The idea of MIXTAPE was born. The artist combines audiotapes and/or VHS covers to create:

  • new aesthetics: by the compilation of color, design, typography, drawing, brand logos (Maxell, TDK, Sony, Philips, BASF, AGFA,…), shapes, icons, symbols of the cassette itself as well as its covers and boxes.
  • new meanings: by associating objects, creating a story, raising questions. And of course by the reuse of material intended to be thrown (and buried), with a huge impact on the environment.
  • new connections: by generating meetings and conversations. Everyone can interpret and discuss the proposed work based on their own tastes, experience, memories, sensitivity, humor.
  • new sounds: by accompanying each work with a USB key that contains the content of one of the iconic audiotapes from the artwork. The tracks can be listened to and become a mirror of the period, cultures and tastes of the objects within the work. Each piece is unique, numbered, signed and delivered with a certificate. None of the audiotapes is modified: each object is reused in its raw shape.

Vertigo Kashmir: « At the end of the 1970s and throughout the 1980s, I compiled, like everyone else, my music on audiotapes that I listened to on a lot of very different devices (tape decks, portable recorders, walkman, car radio …). This medium was great because unlike vinyl it was customizable and transportable everywhere! It recorded and re-recorded anything and everything: my favorite tracks, radio shows, voices, concerts, jams. I listed the contents by customizing the audiotape and its box with writing the titles, drawing pictograms, making collages. Later, in the 1990s everything was thrown away, with a total lack of awareness of the environmental impact. Today, I want to reuse this incredible material to create new stories and provide recycled pleasure. The project MIXTAPE aims to switch the focus of the medium that was used for music and sound to the visual, graphic, formal, linguistic. The slogan? « Listen to the K7’s with a new eye »!