Jumping Bull


Colorful character and sometimes disturbing, Jumping Bull never gives his date of birth.

Self-taught, he began painting « as a way to use his multiple brains with only two hands » as he quotes. Beginning his artistic career in Belgium, he left the Kingdom for the United States, the country of his ancestors, where he finally managed to express himself and create.

His series on the Rolling Stones pushes him frontstage. After following their Worldwide tour for two years, Jumping Bull gets inspired by their music and their visual stage performances to create vibrant and colorful artworks. Now the Stones are not only part of his life, but also the inspiration for his art – paintings, portraits and sculptures – with their legendary ‘tongue’ logo made from flattened Coke cans becoming one of his most recognized and celebrated pieces.

Since January 21, 2016, Geronimo, aka Jumping Bull, is in London at The Club at Café Royal in Regent Street with his new Rolling Stones Exhibition. With this first ever UK exhibition, the artist is pushing himself to new levels and breaking new ground – “Thinking that everything you do is the best is not me. I always work on myself to give more”.

However, his talent is no longer limited to the Stones’ universe. The other musical spheres such as Jazz, French music, and their supports such as the famous vinyl are his new playgrounds and fields for experiments.