Fred Sablon


Frédéric Sablon is a Belgian photographer born in the late 70s. When he was 14, his grandmother gave him his first silver process camera, and a simple and basic box of films. A passion was born and it became his job. Graduated from the Photographic School of Brussels (INRACI) in 2000, he started the first part of his career as a Press photographer. Six years of rich and intensive learning including trips to Africa, Afghanistan, Canada and US, meetings and exposures to true sides of life. His work was published in many magazines and newspapers.

In 2006, his career took a new turn and he started to focus on the pure essence of the image. He worked for challenging and demanding industries such as fashion, advertising and architecture.

After 16 years of experience in a wide variety of subjects, it was time for him to share his vision through more personal and creative projects, achieved on limited and unique editions basis.

These eye-catching and non-commercial clichés attract and scare at the same time. His brilliant work has been shown for the first time with the series of portrait pictures: “The Walkins” in 2015.

Silence Tchernobyl 2016

This trip is a tribute including dark and hurtful memories of our History. He was only 10 years old when the catastrophe hit and, as a child, he was horrified by the images. He remembered the delicate words his parents chose to explain what happened without terrifying him.

Scared and frightened, he remained curious and intrigued by Tchernobyl, while the biggest part of the world tried to hide the scope and the consequences of the accident. This curiosity was omnipresent in his life and he knew he had to go there himself once in his life.

In 2016, the 30th anniversary of the tragedy was an obvious trigger. A duty to see with his own eyes the extent of the disaster and to bring back mysterious, simple and realistic landscapes. This trip was a memorable pilgrimage and the realization of a childhood dream.