Christopher Coppers


Brussels-based artist Christopher Coppers destroys to create – construction and deconstruction forms the essential elements of his approach. His tools: magazines. By ripping up, cutting in and reshaping the printed matter, Coppers carves out second lives for the magazines he works with, the resulting body of work ranging from installations and large-scale sculptures to smaller, one-off pieces. These brilliant, intricately carved magazines covers, near-manic cut-ins dramatically reinterpret any given cover.

In ten short years, Christopher Coppers has established a dominant position on the art scene. His works have been exhibited internationally (Paris, London, Miami, Switzerland, Belgium), Christopher Coppers was selected by Bozar to launch the Word Magazine « The Word viewed by Christopher Coppers » and was, in 2010, elected finalist in the « Collection RTBF / Canvas Collectie », distinguishing himself from no less than 8200 participants.

A fashion photographer father, a curious look at the world in which he operates, the desire to excel … are factors determining a course characterized by a coherent evolution and focused on his passion for magazines he has been collecting since the age of 10. Throughout his artistic training, Christopher Coppers explores the theme of the graphic contamination.

« I spend hours playing on the image with a cutter to give a different value to a magazine, a second life, an exploration of textures, materials and reliefs … sometimes using the technique of the resin, which perpetuates the paper. I am particularly interested in the place of this media in people’s lives. For some people, the magazine has become almost a religion, an essential manual for everyday living. It explains how we consume, how to approach the sex life, sentimental, social …  »

Misappropriation of fashion magazines to 3D to the exploitation of their waste, the artist develops his means of expression and accepts his views on contemporary society.