Alison Roxton


Alison Roxton was born on 13 February 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Between 2008 and 2012, she attended Georgia State University with a major in communication.
She animated the workshop for a local high school as a student job during her four years.
She developed her artistic knowledge during these years. She tried to show children a different perception of the artistic world.

2010 : She traveled around the world for one year, spending a lot of time in Europe, especially in Berlin.
2011 – 2012 : She went back to Africa in Nairobi for a humanitarian project for the development of education in rural areas.
2013 : She took part in her first group exhibition in Philadelphia at the young artist exhibition in the 30th street station. The same year, she moved to Lausanne.
2014 : International exhibition “Hivers 14” group show. Then, she took part in a group exhibition at the Metal Luna gallery in Geneva. She showed her new work focused on the balance of the mind.
2015 : Group exhibition at L’œil de Genève, la cité du temps. She also took part in a group show at the Nojud gallery in Nyon.
2016 : She took a year away from art and traveled across Africa from Tanger to Cape Town. She was part of a humanitarian project which wanted to educate parents not to marry daughters at a young age.
2017 : She worked on the art project of her life.

Approach of her latest work

The following pictures represent her work in progress for the Affordable Art Fair. These art works are then painted, what makes the drawing almost invisible, you can only guess it. When you buy the art work, you receive a silver pin’s with a pig’s head at the front and a code at the back. This code allows to open a link on a website and discover the hidden text under the monochrome.